Hitomi Tanaka Exercising

Hitomi Tanaka has a crush on one of her neighbors and from her living room window, he could see her large beautiful rack while she was reading a book on her pajamas. Hitomi glanced up and could see he was watching her, and immediately she was so aroused that she had an idea to play with him. She put on her smallest bikini that she could find, one that was barely covering her huge Japanese boobs and decided it would be a good time to workout, right in front of her neighbor. Her beautiful J cup boobs were barely inside the tiny top of the bikini and she started rubbing her big knockers against the exercise ball. She tried to avoid looking directly at him, as to not scare him away, and she took her top off and pushed her naked tits against the ball. It felt so good she had to see how it would feel on her pussy as well. She started bouncing on it, with her big tits bouncing all around. Her neighbor could only imagine that it was him underneath Hitomi as she rode that ball, imagining that it was his cock she was riding. Watch Hitomi’s big juicy flounder all around!

hitomi tanaka japanese boobs

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